Monday, December 7, 2015

Extension Reflection

My time at Extension has been a blast. There has been so many funny moments and exciting moments. Although this was my first year and last year it has been full of very interesting events like the trip to Tiritiri Matangi island and we have also had the chance to talk to schools in Hawaii twice.

After all of the fun and excitement there has been tests that have not always been easy but nothing is. I remember the day that we went to the Auckland University to see what kind of 3D printer do we want. We ended up with the most expensive and fastest 3D printer that they had we were given the printer later on by the rotary club. The printer was a Makerbot Replicator 2. Here is a picture of it.

Makerbot Replicator 2 2_0.jpg
My favorite moment of the year was 3D printing. There were so many items that we had made. The other two that had helped me was Jordan A and Iisa S. 3D printing has been a great experience. One time I had made a big spider and while it was being made Iisa thought it was broken so he touched the spider leg and he broke it himself here is a picture of it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.33.17 am.png

Monday, November 30, 2015

Biological Engineering

This is my presentation about bioengineering. This will tell you what it means and how it helps people.
There are some videos of people using prosthetic arms.
I hope you enjoy

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google Expedition

Yesterday team five was privileged enough to be able to experience the google cardboard, we did not use the Iphone six we used the Asus zenfone 2.  The year sevens were first because the year eights had to go to teach at tamaki college in the morning. But luckily we were aloud to use them after morning-tea.
After morning tea all of the year eights had to sit in the street (The Middle of the classrooms) we were placed into our three groups that we are in every thursday when the year sevens are at tech. I was in group toru (three) and rua (two) was first so the rest of us went to our math groups until it was our turn. We were next when it was our turn we sat in the street and waited for our instructions. We were aloud to try the google cardboard out and my favorite screen was the picture with the dead leaf pray mantis.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Amazing Race PES

On Tuesday morning at 11:30 am team five was privileged enough to do something interesting and exciting. It was what we could (The Amazing Race.) It was an interesting game to all of us since my group’s first task was some of us had to have to eat one dry Weat-Bix as fast as we could.

I was up first with two other competitors. I tried my best and it looked like best was the best since I came first with 1 minute and 14 seconds. The other half of the group had to eat fruit salad with raw spaghetti inside the same bowl. Luckily I am allergic to kiwi fruit so I was off the hook with that.

After that we had to move to our second task which was the brain buster which I thought it was that it was a brain freeze challenge but it was not, it was a challenge for the brain to see who could answer  the four difficult questions first but no one was able to answer them not even I could it was very frustrating for me I did not like this task at all.

But the next one was interesting because we had to dress up and take photos of our stupidity. There were some really funny costumes like Boxing equipment, Ballerina Tutus, Instruments and some that I could not see for myself.

Now the last task was the game could (Cookie Face.) It was very interesting and difficult. The aim of the game was to place a biscuit on our forehead and try move it into our mouth with only our facial movements in one minute.

It was very difficult but funny since only two people in the group could achieve it and another part that I will not forget was that Tihi cheated, and he ate half of the biscuit without moving it to his mouth with his facial movements (That clown.)

After all of that wonderful experience my favourite task was the Cookie face competition because it was challenging but full of laughter from the team.
I want to thank the teachers for allowing team five to have this wonderful experience.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A time something went missing

Last term I went swimming with my friend Shaitarn in the weekend. I had to go to his house to pick him up first. After he grabbed his swimming togs he got the scooter from the back yard so I would not have to walk far with my moon-boot as he walked down to the pools I scooted from his place, and it was not very far.

As soon as we arrived we had to sign in first.Before we were allowed to enter the pool area. After we signed in we walked to the changing room to get changed it did not take long.

After we got change we put our bags near the lockers and hoped into the pool. It was cold at first but then our body got used to it and then it felt warm. We swam around for a bit then my watch started to irritate me. I hopped out of the pool and took off my watch and put it next to my bag.

We continued swimming until 4:15 which was the time that shaitarn's mum told us to come back because I was also staying the night. I picked up my bag and forgot about my watch. When I got changed I remembered and went to go and get it but it wasn't there. I told Shaitarn that it was missing so he started to help me look for it but no luck I thought someone had stolen it.

I gave up and walked to the reception and asked if someone had brought it there and luckily for me someone had given it to the lady she gave it to me. I was relieved that someone had brought it to her instead of stealing it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2015

Today was the first day of Term 4 2015. When we enter the hall we all sit down in our seats and face the front. We waited for the assembly to start. When I first laid eyes on Mr Burt I started to laugh. Mr Burt started to talk to us about the topic of this term which was survival. He started to talk about what he was dressed in and what its meaning was.

He played a movie about this made up bird that is now extended. the name was fia boko. He told us that the bird was annoying to all that had met it in point dingaling. It always thought it was the best and the most important thing in the world. It started to annoy this one family so much that they called the bird hunter that ended up killing the bird and stuck it in the oven and when he opened the oven there was a bag of KFC. So the hunter went outside and shared this food with the family that the bird had been bugging.

Mrs George walked in front of the stage and told us that team 1 will be going to the zoo this term to learn about how animals survive. Then she asked up about 15 people to sing karaoke. Once they all come up on the stage to sing.

When the music started a movie was playing on the screen while the kids had to sing which was Roar from Katy Perry. the movie was about all the zoo’s facts around the world. There very funny and cute scenes. My favorite bit was that a toddler was standing in front of the glass while on the other side a lion is trying to eat the kid. The winner was Mrs King’s daughter Marika

I think that this was one of the best things that I will remember when I leave to go to college.
Thank for reading

Friday, September 18, 2015

Recount about Word Vision

On Wednesday 16/09/2015 four of the chosen from the extension group were asked to go to the Word Vision building with a lot of other schools. The four people that got chosen to represent our school was Me, Jordan A, Lucy M and Stevenson E. First we had to finish the penn then we had to go in Mrs Lungitupu’s car so she can drive us to the building.

As soon as we arrived there was a man telling us where the car park was. We drove in and parked. We hopped out of the car and walked in the area where all of the other students where. We entered the room and a lady gave as a chart and a strip of paper that had a name on it. Jordan’s one had Clarke and my one had Gru. We had no idea what our partners were we never found them at the end.

We wondered around and and tried to answer the chart then we had to enter the hall and a lady started to us. I’m sorry I can’t say her name because I have forgotten her name maybe jordan, lucy or stevenson can tell you. She told us how much all of the schools had donated and I can remember this that we had donated more than $300,000.

I can not finish this just yet but I will try and do it latter

To Be Continued

Friday, September 11, 2015

Apple pie Recipe

400g of sweet or short pastry
6 large apple about 1 kg
Finely grated rind of 1 lemon
Half of a cup of raisins
3 Tbsp of chelsea brown sugar
1 tbs of ground cinnamon
Chelsea icing sugar to dust

Preheat the oven and oven tray to 190℃.
Divide the pastry into 3 separate pieces.
Keep one of the three pieces in the freezer.
Grab the other two pieces and roll it into a ball.
roll into a thin circle on a floured surface.
Line a 23cm loose bottom quiche or flan tin with the rolled pastry. Trim the edges.Mix the apples and raisins, lemon rind, sugar and the cinnamon. Spoon into the pastry case.Grate the reserved, chilled pastry over the apple.
Bake for 40-45 minutes. Dust with icing sugar and serve warm with whipped cream or ice cream.

As a variation, use blueberries, sliced rhubarb or peaches (Optional).

Some info used from this site

Monday, August 3, 2015

D.O.C. Product

This is a presentation about my 3D designs and hat they are going to do for my chose of endangered animal.

Monday, June 15, 2015

TiriTiri Matangi island (Trip)

Image result for tiritiri matangi island logo
In the morning I came to school 7:30 am so I can be at school in time for a very important trip for our extension class. First we waited for some more kids to come and collect their dry bags so they can put their lunch boxes in them and anything that they don’t want to get wet. We were also given a water bottle. After a little while a lady called Vanessa came into the room and then she told us her name and that she was working for D.O.C (Department of conservation)

After that we went outside to go inside of our shuttle bus. We waited a little longer to see if anyone else was coming it was 8 o'clock so we left to catch the ferry. It took a little while to get from school to the ferry port in the city but eventually we got there.

As soon as got to the port we were greeted by more people from D.O.C. Everyone sang a little song then we went for the ferry. Before we were aloud to go on the ferry we had to check that there no unwanted pest catching a ride with us. Then we had brush out shoes to get all of the unwanted dirt or weed seeds out from under our shoes. After that we were free to hop on the ferry and enjoy the ride.

We had to make one stop before we got to the island. Lots of us got bored so we started playing games like sore makalo and many others. It was a fun ride. After a little while we were there and it was an amazing sight from all of the nature that we saw.

We got of the ferry and sat down and listened to some rules that the ranger told us. Then he introduced the tour guides and told s who was with what group. We had Colleen who was very interesting. So first we went and saw some amazing creatures called the blue penguin. They were very small and very cute.Image result for tiritiri matangi island logo

After the penguins we went to to the tour. The first thing that we saw was the kingfisher bird’s nest. Instead of a nest made by sticks and twigs and all of the usual stuff there nest was a hole in a cliff. So the way they make there nest is by using the hard neck and beak by flying away from the cliff then turning around and going full speed at the cliff which makes a small hole then the bird repeats it to make the hole big enough so it can dig the rest of the way and instead of having the nest sloping down they make there nest sloping up so when it rains the water does not go it the nest and make the eggs die.

So we went on and saw many other birds like the Red Crowned Parakeet, the Morepork, the Bell Bird and many more. It was very interesting for a lot of us. After the tour we had lunch which was very delicious.

We went to the lighthouse after that. We saw two Takahe walking around. One of them sounded like it was crying.Image result for takahe bird
We also had a look around the lighthouse. We went back  to where we had our lunch. Another lady came and talked about plastic and pest’s. After the talk we had a treasure hunt which was fun. After that we had to get ready to go back to the ferry and go back home to school.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Technology in WW1

Today Mr Burt came to the senior block and talked about technology and is it good or bad.So we were called in to sit in the middle of the senior block, it is called the street.

Mr Burt started to talk about his grandfather and how he was lived a long life how technology changed. Mr Burt told us that his grandfather owned the very first natural bike with the two wheels with chains and pedals. Then he told us that when he was a little boy that he saw one of the first airplanes ever created and when he grew up into a man the first man landed on the moon.

Future Aspiration

Today we heard from Marcus Winter and Louis Gordon-Latty. they were introduced by a special being Andrew Patterson.

It was very interesting what we had saw. What I liked the most was when Marcus showed us a video of some of his work that he has done and how he got to where he is in his career.

He showed us that he was not really smart when he was a kid and then he showed us his primary report and he had on it that he slow to the max at writing. So he got put into a class which he thought was the extension group for the smart kids but he was put in one for the kids who needed help with his learning.

It was kinda sad but then he told us that he learnt how to write fast and after that when his class got tested he got the best grammar score in his entire class and I found that very interesting

Mr Wise man’s question:What stood out for me. The thing that stood up for me is the quote that Andrew said “People may forget what you said, People may forget what you did, But they will never forget how you made them feel.

Animals At War

What our group is learning in think/infer about the text and show our
understanding about the text.

Friday, May 8, 2015

WW1 TimeLine

In one of our zeal zone group, Mrs Moala talks to us about the timeline's about what happened in WW1. We were all given a timeline, which we Grab information form different site's.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The treaty of waitangi

treaty of waitangi

What does Waitangi mean to me ?

Here is a link to the treaty of Waitangi
Waitangi is a treaty that was made in 1840 to make peace between English and Mario.
The treaty is what made the 3 P’s Protection, Partnership and Participation.
The treaty was created by William Hobson and James Busby.

The treaty was made in 6/2/1840.

If the treaty was not made there will be a lot of war and a lot of people will be dead and there will not be any technology in New Zealand and I will not be alive, nobody in this school will be alive.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday

I am going to tell you about Miss Peato’s Birthday. I was not there but I am going to tell you what I was told. Everyone in the senior block is sitting on ground for the morning assembly.

Then everyone said the karakia and the mihi. Then Miss Peoto walked in front of everyone and started to tell them the notices while Mr Wiseman is still playing the guitar. Miss Peato keeps on telling them the notices.

Suddenly Mr Wiseman kicks the green room door and then Mrs Moala comes out with a cake and then starts to sing happy birthday. “Happy bithday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Miss Peato, Happy birthday to you. Hip hip Hooray hip hip Hooray.”

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video-Conference With Hawaii

Today in the year 7&8 extension group we had a video conference with two schools in Hawaii. There translation of hello is Aloha.
One of the schools name was Kea'au and the other school was Nanakuli. We all talked about our community and our culture. We also talk about our schools.

There many interesting facts about their schools. Kea'au elementary school had a video and Nanakuli elementary school had an presentation. Here is some of their info.

The video conference was very interesting to me and us all of the year 7&8 extension group of 2015. As you can see in the images that there are many volcanoes in the island of Hawaii. 

The hole meaning of the conference is because of the waka Hokulea. Witch is coming to our beach Pt England reserve. They are already in new Zealand but they are going to go o there waka and land on the Pt England reserve

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.14.26 am.png
As you can see that there are many native plants and animals

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Visual Mihi

                                                     This is my Visual mihi mihi

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My christmas holidays

Eric Writing

Prompt: Whanau and family time
Think of a time when you did something special with your whanau or family.  Write to recount that time.

Auntie Shireen
Uncle Steven
On Christmas morning everyone all woke up and started to say “Merry Christmas everybody.” It was a very happy but tiring morning because after we all had breakfast we had to pack the car our christmas journey to our Grandparents beach house. It took at least 15 minutes to pack the car but it was worth all of the fuss because we did this every single christmas since my little brother Arthur was born. It was kinda like a tradition.

We all hopped into the car. The journey had begun. It was a very very long trip and it was very beautiful because of all the nature that was on the side of the road. There was lot of beautiful views. I think that we drove past about twenty mountains. We saw sheep, cows, goats, rooster, hens and even a whew turkey. This was a very long but beautiful trip indeed.

As soon as we reached Kawau Bay we had a pit stop. It was tremendous there was thousands of birds in the sky and in the water. We hopped back in the car and drove off. We were half way there and it was very exciting. There was some wavy roads and that was the only bid that I did like because of the motion sickness that I had. There was tons of nature in that trip and it was amazingly beautiful. We were almost there we could see the sureline.

We were there it was a relief because we all needed to get out of the car. We hopped out of the car and we just made it for lunch. For lunch we had chicken lettuce and avocado sandwiches. After we had lunch we unpacked the car and got ready to open our Christmas Presents. All of us Me, Arthur, Connor, Mum, Dad, Grandad, Nana, Auntie shireen and Uncle Steven all gathered together to open the presents.

We unwrapped our presents like we were drunk on excitement. This is what I got. I was given a R.C Helicopter, A lego car with two jet skis on a trailer, a make your own alarm set, a drinking bottle and a flashlight. I can not tell you what everyone else got because I do not have enough time to write everything else down.

Lets Just say This was one of the best christmases that I have ever had.

The                            End......

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Letter to Mr Wiseman

Dear Mr Wiseman. I am very excited to be in your classroom. My Name is Eric.t.Baker I am 11 years old and I love technology and  I mean love and I do not think that I can live out it. I have two brothers. I am in the middle. My younger brother name is Arthur.J.Baker. My older brothers name is Connor.S.Baker he is 13 and arthur is 8.

I am feeling incredibly confident this year.
One of my favorite places that I have been too is Lake Pupuke. One day I would like to go to Amsterdam and Russia.

I am looking ford to going to the year 8 camp
I am loving Pt England for the 8 years that I have been at the school. Another reason that I like Pt England is because of all of the technology that is involved in the school. I love this school but it is a bummer since it is my last year at this school then I will have to go to college.

My Goals

3 goals for the term.
Goal 1: To make friends.
Goal 2: To try and be more active instead of sitting down by my self.
Goal 3: Try and co-operate in tasks that is set with the class.

3 goals for the year.
Goal 1: To move up to age 14 and a half in reading.
Goal 2: To move up 3 levels in the math.
Goal 3: To get a good reputation so that I can go to a good collage.