Friday, September 18, 2015

Recount about Word Vision

On Wednesday 16/09/2015 four of the chosen from the extension group were asked to go to the Word Vision building with a lot of other schools. The four people that got chosen to represent our school was Me, Jordan A, Lucy M and Stevenson E. First we had to finish the penn then we had to go in Mrs Lungitupu’s car so she can drive us to the building.

As soon as we arrived there was a man telling us where the car park was. We drove in and parked. We hopped out of the car and walked in the area where all of the other students where. We entered the room and a lady gave as a chart and a strip of paper that had a name on it. Jordan’s one had Clarke and my one had Gru. We had no idea what our partners were we never found them at the end.

We wondered around and and tried to answer the chart then we had to enter the hall and a lady started to us. I’m sorry I can’t say her name because I have forgotten her name maybe jordan, lucy or stevenson can tell you. She told us how much all of the schools had donated and I can remember this that we had donated more than $300,000.

I can not finish this just yet but I will try and do it latter

To Be Continued

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