Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

What I like about learning with a Netbook? I like having free time, you can do more things & its easy to write. What frustrates me ? I can’t do things that some other can & other people sometimes hack into my Netbook and change my font. What would make it better? If I had Mac.
How does school compare now VS before I had a Netbook? Quite well because it gives the kids easy work so you don't have to make a big mess because the computer automatic makes it tidy . How could we use our Netbooks better? If it came with a I pad.


  1. Hi Eric,
    You've reflected well on using your netbook. How does an iPad make using your netbook easier?

  2. Hi eric,

    Amazing story about your netbook reflection. How long have you had your netbook for?