Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone lusi

A cyclone is a giant storm that hits certain areas of the world. In the weekend Cyclone Lusi hit the North Island of New Zealand at midday. There were strong gales blowing across the North Island. Heavy winds were blowing little objects around. A cyclone can sometimes end up as tornados or thunderstorms.

During a cyclone there are hundreds of floods if you are next to the sea or if it is raining heavily. There are lots of land slips on mountains or cliffs. Humongous waves crash against the beach or waterfront.  It is dangerous to be near water. Houses are usually damaged by collapsing trees.
The weather in the weekend was atrocious. Lots of dark clouds and heavy rain could be seen. Crashing waves were seen down at the beach when in low tide time.

It could've been possible that the cyclone could've spun cars in the air and made tornado. There could've been power cuts in many regions. The schools could've been destroyed and some people could've died. Lots of people could have died while driving their cars if they had spun out of control on wet roads.


To prepare for a cyclone you should secure objects outside encase they fly around. Keep your pets safe and keep yourself safe. Keep communication with your family to keep safe and know who is alive. Keep a torch or a candle for light so you know where you are going so you don't trip or injure yourself.


  1. Hi my name is Brittany Sparks. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently taking a college course called EDM 310. I enjoyed reading your blog post it was very informative and included lots of details. I like how you included the safety precautions for cyclones. That is very important information to share with everyone including your classmates.

    1. Thank you for your Comment Brittany