Monday, October 20, 2014

Explanation (Why is it important to have class/school rules?)

Are you wondering why is there school rules? Rules are important they run the world. There are rules at schools and house’s. Rules help people fit in and learn from their mistakes.

There are rules so you know where the boundaries are so the teacher know where you are and for discipline and respect. There are rules for everyone's safety.

There are rules at school because if there was no rules all of the schools will not last. The schools will be in chaos. There will be lots of fights and the kids can do anything they want. There will also be distributed to the school and lots of people will probably swear. It will be an outrage.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

If you go to Point England School you will notice that there is an Immersion Assembly on the first day of each term. Do you want to know what Point England is focusing on in the 4th term of 2014? It is ‘Art Attack’.

An immersion assembly is when the whole school joins up in the hall. The principal tells the kids what the term is about. There will little items from each team. Day one of term 4 was the same as usual. Teachers from each team presented items about the topic.

First Team 1’s performance was about the environment. Team 1 is going to the river and see the environment. They are going to have a picnic to see the view.

Next was Team 2’s performance was about the three primary colours and what they make. The three primary colors are blue, red and yellow. The colour blue and red makes purple. Blue and yellow makes green and red and yellow makes orange.

After Team 2’s item was Team 3’s performance was about different artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol and others. Did you know that the museum spent around 200 thousand dollars on a room for only one painting -  The Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is worth around 1 billion dollars.

Team 4’s performance was similar to team 3’s performance about different artists. They Had Monet, Fatu Feu’u and Van Gogh.

Finally Team 5. Team 5 walked up onto the stage and pulled a board form the side of the stage. On the board had three pieces of paper one was black and the other two was white. The teacher started painting. While the teacher was painting there was a video. The video was some drawing of a person. When the teachers finished the video finished. The teaches flipped the paintings upside down and the was three portraits of Mr Jacobson Mrs Jarman And Mr Burt.