Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone lusi

A cyclone is a giant storm that hits certain areas of the world. In the weekend Cyclone Lusi hit the North Island of New Zealand at midday. There were strong gales blowing across the North Island. Heavy winds were blowing little objects around. A cyclone can sometimes end up as tornados or thunderstorms.

During a cyclone there are hundreds of floods if you are next to the sea or if it is raining heavily. There are lots of land slips on mountains or cliffs. Humongous waves crash against the beach or waterfront.  It is dangerous to be near water. Houses are usually damaged by collapsing trees.
The weather in the weekend was atrocious. Lots of dark clouds and heavy rain could be seen. Crashing waves were seen down at the beach when in low tide time.

It could've been possible that the cyclone could've spun cars in the air and made tornado. There could've been power cuts in many regions. The schools could've been destroyed and some people could've died. Lots of people could have died while driving their cars if they had spun out of control on wet roads.


To prepare for a cyclone you should secure objects outside encase they fly around. Keep your pets safe and keep yourself safe. Keep communication with your family to keep safe and know who is alive. Keep a torch or a candle for light so you know where you are going so you don't trip or injure yourself.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Collecting the rushing kids while listening to the drumming is a lot of fun. Fia Fia is here!

Quickly getting the Junior kids to their group while I still had to go to my own made me feel rushed. On my way to my group I could hear music from the Bollywood group.

Finally at my group, we watched videos of marching and walking with style. Suddenly Kya started getting annoying by talking too much. She needs to learn some manners.  Practising our moves for Fia Fia tires my arms and legs. The name of my group is precisely that.

We practice precision moves when we all act at the same time. We have to make a wave of arms and then a wave of bobbing heads.  This is funny because one of our teachers is Mr Barks and he is funny.

Time ending going to the cook island drumming group to pick up the little kids and drop them off to their classroom. I have to keep on stopping for the kids to catch up. Dropping them of is hard but at least the day is almost complete.


Have you used sketchup before? Class 2 has been using sketchup for 3d toy making it is really cool. I have been making a car for my sketchup toy design. It is a little volkswagen. I am still working on it so I hope that you can see it soon.

I am half way now It has been hard because I was working on my netbook but my netbook got reimaged because of all the crashes that happened but before I did I emailed me my document that had my work in it. After The reimage I downloaded it on one of the computers that have sketchup on it and finished it off.

Finished the car Finally.
This is the front view.Car.png

This is the back view.Car back.png

On thursday morning the 13th of march instead of going to Tec in TC I stayed behind and did another Sketchup design of a different car. After making a different car a lady named Medier. She told us how to use the 3d printer in the street in the senior block. Here is a picture of itAnd here is a picture of my second car in the front.Real Front.png

Here is a back view.Front.png