Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter

Dear Helpers

Thank you for helping Class two with the picnic. If you did not come to the picnic class 2 would have not gone to the picnic and I will be in class doing nothing. Thank you for looking after our class and the team.  

We went to the Assembly on Friday morning. The whole school heads off to the hall for Assembly. Mr Burt tells us the instructions and the rules. After the rules and instructions Team Five, headed off to the reserve.

My favourite part of the Picnic was covering Mosa completely with sand. Me and Mosa got a piece of hubba bubba bubble gum from someones aunty. Thank you Mosa.

From Eric

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is a Netbook and how is it used

What is a Netbook and how is it used.

What is it
A Netbook is a learning tool and a technology device. It is a laptop computer it socializing tool for kids and adults for all ages. It looks like a miniature laptop that is portable.

A Netbook has a keyboard,  touchpad as a mouse, On/Off button, a screen, a built in camera, Built in speakers, Battery, lid, hinges, it has rubber stands.

How it works

We use the keys by tiepping what we wanna say like I am tiepping right now. We use it to learn and creat digetal leaning objeatk

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Assembly

The start of the assembly was normal but when we are supposed to sing the National Anthem we sung (I love you, you love me) the song from Barney the dinosaur show. There was a hip hop dance from some of the year eights. It was fantastic even better it was awesome.

There was also a Samoan dance in the middle of the assembly there was two dances. After the Samoan dance one of the prefects named Gloria was able to interview one of the Samoan dancers. One of the dancers was moving around without walking. She used her feet and glided across the stage. One of the Samoan dancers asked, “Does anybody wanna try to do this.” Nobody answered then Mr Jacobsen ran up the stage and he started to do it. It was funny. At the end of the assembly we sang the (I love you, you love me) song again then we went back to class.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Theater

Talking about The play

At the beginning of the show it had Duffy walk through the hall reading a book about colors while wearing a robe of book titles and a cap with a crown on it. He just noticed that we were there then he said “Do you kids know the Duffy song?”. “Yes” we replied. We started the song until Rosey interfered and said “Wait don’t start without me”. “Oh hi Rosey how did you hear me sing from your place?”. “Oh I was at your letterbox” she replied while holding her mouth.

How I liked the play

The play was awesome and the main idea was how important reading is. Two friends were trying to help uncle Bingo read books but in the beginning he did not read at all. There was no happiness until Bingo was on a flight and was not allowed to turn on his phones so he started to read the book that Rosey gave him. It was about ballet. Rosey and Duffy were watching the game that Bingo was in. They say uncle Bingo doing ballet moves.  Rosey and Duffy knew that uncle Bing had read Rosey’s book.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What are the three P's

1. Protection

To keep someone or something from getting lost or harmed. In sport you protect the goal or post from the opponent from scoring. protecting a friend if hurt from slipping over or breaking something. looking after of you're belongings

2. Partnership

A relation existing between two or more people.. A bunch of of people all having a friendly relationship. your parents at meet the teacher. A group of people working together. playing together with your friends and family

3. Participation

Letting others join in sport’s, parties, games and all kind of stuff. Giving sports a go and volunteering for rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, softballl, , hockey, soccer, football and softball sports like that. You can even volunteer for science,  english,  homework club and jobs. I am a sports monitor job

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In the holidays

In the holidays I went to my grandparents beach house for Christmas. Me and my family was there for three days, it was awesome because while my uncle was kayaking  I saw a herd of killer whales. For  dinner we had a nice turkey instead of having on the Christmas night.
Christmas morning.

In the morning I awakened and walked out of my tent and went straight inside to see if I can open a Christmas present. I was only aloud to open my present from my nana. My present was a book all about me, my brothers got one too.

My last day at the beach.

It was the last day with my Nana. It was fun there but my Dad got sick and so did I. The packing was easy but leaving was not because me and my brothers was sick the whole way through. Finally in Auckland not that hated the beach it was the ride I did not like.