Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Theater

Talking about The play

At the beginning of the show it had Duffy walk through the hall reading a book about colors while wearing a robe of book titles and a cap with a crown on it. He just noticed that we were there then he said “Do you kids know the Duffy song?”. “Yes” we replied. We started the song until Rosey interfered and said “Wait don’t start without me”. “Oh hi Rosey how did you hear me sing from your place?”. “Oh I was at your letterbox” she replied while holding her mouth.

How I liked the play

The play was awesome and the main idea was how important reading is. Two friends were trying to help uncle Bingo read books but in the beginning he did not read at all. There was no happiness until Bingo was on a flight and was not allowed to turn on his phones so he started to read the book that Rosey gave him. It was about ballet. Rosey and Duffy were watching the game that Bingo was in. They say uncle Bingo doing ballet moves.  Rosey and Duffy knew that uncle Bing had read Rosey’s book.

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