Monday, June 15, 2015

TiriTiri Matangi island (Trip)

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In the morning I came to school 7:30 am so I can be at school in time for a very important trip for our extension class. First we waited for some more kids to come and collect their dry bags so they can put their lunch boxes in them and anything that they don’t want to get wet. We were also given a water bottle. After a little while a lady called Vanessa came into the room and then she told us her name and that she was working for D.O.C (Department of conservation)

After that we went outside to go inside of our shuttle bus. We waited a little longer to see if anyone else was coming it was 8 o'clock so we left to catch the ferry. It took a little while to get from school to the ferry port in the city but eventually we got there.

As soon as got to the port we were greeted by more people from D.O.C. Everyone sang a little song then we went for the ferry. Before we were aloud to go on the ferry we had to check that there no unwanted pest catching a ride with us. Then we had brush out shoes to get all of the unwanted dirt or weed seeds out from under our shoes. After that we were free to hop on the ferry and enjoy the ride.

We had to make one stop before we got to the island. Lots of us got bored so we started playing games like sore makalo and many others. It was a fun ride. After a little while we were there and it was an amazing sight from all of the nature that we saw.

We got of the ferry and sat down and listened to some rules that the ranger told us. Then he introduced the tour guides and told s who was with what group. We had Colleen who was very interesting. So first we went and saw some amazing creatures called the blue penguin. They were very small and very cute.Image result for tiritiri matangi island logo

After the penguins we went to to the tour. The first thing that we saw was the kingfisher bird’s nest. Instead of a nest made by sticks and twigs and all of the usual stuff there nest was a hole in a cliff. So the way they make there nest is by using the hard neck and beak by flying away from the cliff then turning around and going full speed at the cliff which makes a small hole then the bird repeats it to make the hole big enough so it can dig the rest of the way and instead of having the nest sloping down they make there nest sloping up so when it rains the water does not go it the nest and make the eggs die.

So we went on and saw many other birds like the Red Crowned Parakeet, the Morepork, the Bell Bird and many more. It was very interesting for a lot of us. After the tour we had lunch which was very delicious.

We went to the lighthouse after that. We saw two Takahe walking around. One of them sounded like it was crying.Image result for takahe bird
We also had a look around the lighthouse. We went back  to where we had our lunch. Another lady came and talked about plastic and pest’s. After the talk we had a treasure hunt which was fun. After that we had to get ready to go back to the ferry and go back home to school.