Monday, November 4, 2013

Hunted Barn

Once upon a time there lived a man named Stewie who lived in a place where animals lived.
They all were loud there was Sheep, Cows, Chicken and Pigs suddenly there was silence. Then the farmer Stewie heard a whisper in the middle of the night saying “STEWIE STEWIE COME TO ME.” It sounded like his dead wife then he heard it again but this time it sounded like she was getting angry “STEWIE STEWIE COME TO ME STEWIE.” Then Stewie Ended up saying “How am I supposed to go to you my wife you are dead in my basement.” Then suddenly he went to his basement. He opened the door to his basement and a bat flu past he got inside with a flash light then the door slammed shut and locked itself he turned on his torch then he noticed that his wife was not there then he saw a something swooped past and made Stewie jump then he said softly “Who is there can you show yourself.” Suddenly his wife slowly appeared and said “WHY WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME WHY?” “What do do you mean my love” he replied “put me down here like you did not care about me you didn't even care a bit to do a funeral for me, now you are going to pay the consequence by living the rest of your miserable life down here with me!.

                         TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Hi, Eric. My name is Morgan Rushlow and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I think this is a story I think you definitely could write more on and make into a novel, eventually. I think that is good you wrote "to be continued” , because I think it should be. There seems to be a lot to the story that needs to be written, like how did “Stewie” escaped from the basement and what happens after that. I am interested in reading the next part of this story. Very interesting. Have a wonderful day! here is a link to my EDM 310 student blog-