Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I heard a whisper, but no one was there

One day strolling down the alley listing to the birds sing then suddenly I heard a whisper it was a deep voice but there nothing around but trees and birds. Then I heard the whisper again “Come to me Stewie come” “Come to who” I said while thinking where this voice was coming from. Then a shadow quickly passed me like a flash. What ever it was it wanted something that I had so I quickly went to cover. Then I saw a door on a tree it was fascinating. So I opened the door and saw darkness then the door slammed shut.

It was pitch black then a light appeared it looked like balverine but the size of two men together but a white werewolf. It looked hungry so I tried to escape but the door was locked This is not going to end well...........  Suddenly I remembered that I know kung fu and that I have balverine sword in my magic bag. The magic bag is tiny in the outside and as big as a black hole on the inside so I got some gauntlets and put the fire gauntlet on the left hand and the shock gauntlet on the right while getting the Balverine sword. It was some battle but I won by stabbing the sword in his back so that it would make the balverine turn back into a human.

His name was Bob he thanked me a lot then he told me that the person the changed him into a balverine was Reaver a nasty workman.

                       TO BE CONTAINED
     Part 2 will come out soon


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