Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sound: What can I hear

Sound is important for or environment. Without sound it is not safe. What if you could not hear and your fire alarm goes off you would not hear it and you could get burnt. Without sound you could cross a road and get hit by a car. So sound help everyone.

When at home you might hear your brother sister dad or mum could be playing a game or watching a movie so you might join in that is sound. At school you can hear the kids in your class talking and tapping. Outside you can hear people chatting and kicking balls.

You can hear cars whizzing past the road so you know when to cross the road safely. Most People do not like to listen to their brothers or sisters fighting. You might hear the tap turning on and off that might be annoying. Not being able to hear must be boring and weird because sound makes the world a much better place.


  1. Hi Eric. Yes it might be quite dangerous for many people if we couldn't hear anything. I wonder what its like for people who are completely deaf? How do they live without sound? What do you think?