Thursday, May 8, 2014

Straw Oboe Science experiment template

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I cut the straw shorter and blow through it?

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that….
I think the pitch will go higher and higher each time you cut it.
Materials needed:
Scissors and a drink straw
Experiment (procedure):
e.g. Step 1 -
Crease the straw 2-3 cm on one end
Step 2 -
Cut a triangle shape on creased end. blow in cut end.
Step 3 -
Listen to the sound and record
Step 4 -
Cut the straw shorter
Step 5 -
Listen to the sound and record

Data (What happened?)

Straw Length
The pitch was annoying.
The pitch went higher and more annoying.
The pitch was really high and really annoying.

When the straw was 15cm the pitch was annoying.
When the straw was 10cm the went higher and the sound got more annoying.
When the Straw was 5cm the pitch got even more higher and much more annoying.


I have noticed when you cut the straw shorter the pitch goes higher.

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