Monday, November 30, 2015

Biological Engineering

This is my presentation about bioengineering. This will tell you what it means and how it helps people.
There are some videos of people using prosthetic arms.
I hope you enjoy

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google Expedition

Yesterday team five was privileged enough to be able to experience the google cardboard, we did not use the Iphone six we used the Asus zenfone 2.  The year sevens were first because the year eights had to go to teach at tamaki college in the morning. But luckily we were aloud to use them after morning-tea.
After morning tea all of the year eights had to sit in the street (The Middle of the classrooms) we were placed into our three groups that we are in every thursday when the year sevens are at tech. I was in group toru (three) and rua (two) was first so the rest of us went to our math groups until it was our turn. We were next when it was our turn we sat in the street and waited for our instructions. We were aloud to try the google cardboard out and my favorite screen was the picture with the dead leaf pray mantis.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Amazing Race PES

On Tuesday morning at 11:30 am team five was privileged enough to do something interesting and exciting. It was what we could (The Amazing Race.) It was an interesting game to all of us since my group’s first task was some of us had to have to eat one dry Weat-Bix as fast as we could.

I was up first with two other competitors. I tried my best and it looked like best was the best since I came first with 1 minute and 14 seconds. The other half of the group had to eat fruit salad with raw spaghetti inside the same bowl. Luckily I am allergic to kiwi fruit so I was off the hook with that.

After that we had to move to our second task which was the brain buster which I thought it was that it was a brain freeze challenge but it was not, it was a challenge for the brain to see who could answer  the four difficult questions first but no one was able to answer them not even I could it was very frustrating for me I did not like this task at all.

But the next one was interesting because we had to dress up and take photos of our stupidity. There were some really funny costumes like Boxing equipment, Ballerina Tutus, Instruments and some that I could not see for myself.

Now the last task was the game could (Cookie Face.) It was very interesting and difficult. The aim of the game was to place a biscuit on our forehead and try move it into our mouth with only our facial movements in one minute.

It was very difficult but funny since only two people in the group could achieve it and another part that I will not forget was that Tihi cheated, and he ate half of the biscuit without moving it to his mouth with his facial movements (That clown.)

After all of that wonderful experience my favourite task was the Cookie face competition because it was challenging but full of laughter from the team.
I want to thank the teachers for allowing team five to have this wonderful experience.