Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google Expedition

Yesterday team five was privileged enough to be able to experience the google cardboard, we did not use the Iphone six we used the Asus zenfone 2.  The year sevens were first because the year eights had to go to teach at tamaki college in the morning. But luckily we were aloud to use them after morning-tea.
After morning tea all of the year eights had to sit in the street (The Middle of the classrooms) we were placed into our three groups that we are in every thursday when the year sevens are at tech. I was in group toru (three) and rua (two) was first so the rest of us went to our math groups until it was our turn. We were next when it was our turn we sat in the street and waited for our instructions. We were aloud to try the google cardboard out and my favorite screen was the picture with the dead leaf pray mantis.

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