Friday, May 9, 2014

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

The first day of term 2. While all of the classrooms were coming to sit down Mr J played (I like to move it, move it). After all of the classrooms was sitting down Mr Burt started to greet us back. “ This term is about science” Mr burt said.

Mr Burt said “Give it up for Team 1!” A movie started to play on the screen. The movie had a lot of safety equipment to protect the animals and us. There was a giraffe Walking into a metal box so he can get feed. The was hippos, kiwis, lions and all kind of other birds.

“Give a round of applause for Team 2” Mr Burt said. A music video popped up on the screen. There was lots of air balloons then the teachers come up on the stage. One of the teacher had a cardboard plane over her another teacher had a box on her waist with a little propeller at the end there was a teacher who was wearing a pilot suit and the last teacher was wearing a fairy suit.  The pilot through all kind of planes. Paper planes and gliding planes.

“Give a round of applause for Team 3” Mr Burt said. There was music and the team 3 teachers started to dance their way up onto the stage. They started to talk about rainbow colours and see if they can join the colours. You can join any colour to green except green. You can join any colour to black. You can not join any colour to white.

Mr Burt said “Give it up for Team 4!” A movie started to play on the screen. It had a video about flotation. There was a man who had a modal boat and he put it in a tank of water and was falling out of the tank and went in a jar. Next the man Was next to a big bowl of water and he had a piece of tape to show the height of the water and the man jumped into the bowl and he showed that the water rises.

Mr Burt said “ Its time for team 5!” The team 5 teacher started to march next to the stage with musical instruments. The teacher started to play the instruments for a little while then a movie started to play.It had the teacher play the instrument one by one and then it had them play all together. It also had the teacher play real instrument while lip syncing. They had been playing two kind instrument in the same movie.

“Give it up for Mr J” Mr Burt said. Mr J went up on the stage and started to talk about number 8 fence wire. He was saying “ You can Fisk anything with number 8 fencing wire. He asked for a boy named Lee. Mr J picked a little kid to come up and try and lift an object over his head. Lee could not lift it so Mr J grabbed a rope crane and asked the Lee to pull the rope to see if he can join the crane to the object. Mr J went behind the stage and grabbed a piece of number 8 fencing wire joined it together. Lee started to pull and he was able to lift the object over his head. Music started to play and we went back to class.

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