Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What are the three P's

1. Protection

To keep someone or something from getting lost or harmed. In sport you protect the goal or post from the opponent from scoring. protecting a friend if hurt from slipping over or breaking something. looking after of you're belongings

2. Partnership

A relation existing between two or more people.. A bunch of of people all having a friendly relationship. your parents at meet the teacher. A group of people working together. playing together with your friends and family

3. Participation

Letting others join in sport’s, parties, games and all kind of stuff. Giving sports a go and volunteering for rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, softballl, , hockey, soccer, football and softball sports like that. You can even volunteer for science,  english,  homework club and jobs. I am a sports monitor job

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  1. Thanks for your definitions and explanations about the 3Ps. Well done Eric.