Thursday, November 29, 2012


Early in the morning  a mixed class went for swimming. We got changed of course then Mr Somerville lead us to the pool. Once we got in the pool it was cold, after a little while the pool warmed up.

We get free time for 15 minutes. It was wavy the water. The ladder steps were a bit cold but I can stand it. There was a lot water screaming so that made it hard to listen to Mr Somerville.

Mr Somerville threw a tennis ball into the pool. Who ever gets up to 11 points is able to make something up for the other team to do outside of the pool. The girls won lots of games until the boys won once . We had to get changed into our school uniform.

Thank's for Vaifoa Lam Sam for helping to make my recount much more understanding.

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  1. Hi Eric I like your swimming writing it's really cool and amazing same for vaifoa.