Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A time something went missing

Last term I went swimming with my friend Shaitarn in the weekend. I had to go to his house to pick him up first. After he grabbed his swimming togs he got the scooter from the back yard so I would not have to walk far with my moon-boot as he walked down to the pools I scooted from his place, and it was not very far.

As soon as we arrived we had to sign in first.Before we were allowed to enter the pool area. After we signed in we walked to the changing room to get changed it did not take long.

After we got change we put our bags near the lockers and hoped into the pool. It was cold at first but then our body got used to it and then it felt warm. We swam around for a bit then my watch started to irritate me. I hopped out of the pool and took off my watch and put it next to my bag.

We continued swimming until 4:15 which was the time that shaitarn's mum told us to come back because I was also staying the night. I picked up my bag and forgot about my watch. When I got changed I remembered and went to go and get it but it wasn't there. I told Shaitarn that it was missing so he started to help me look for it but no luck I thought someone had stolen it.

I gave up and walked to the reception and asked if someone had brought it there and luckily for me someone had given it to the lady she gave it to me. I was relieved that someone had brought it to her instead of stealing it.

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