Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Auckland Museum

This piece of writing is going to explain all about the Auckland Museum. If you go there there will be all kinds of galleries for dinosaurs, fish, birds, reptiles, maori and pacific galleries. As you can see there all kinds of items and artwork and even some very old relics.

If you go the maori gallery in the Auckland Museum just before you enter the gallery there will be a display of a piece of clothing on the opposite side there will be a projector facing the wall and if you walk closer the screen will have a man will do anything that you do.

If you go to the Pacifica gallery you will see that there is many weapons and clothing. There were hammers, spares necklaces and ext. There a lot of very old items.

There were many carving in both Pacific and Maori galleries. There are carvings on waka and other different items.

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