Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plastics may pose a greater threat than climate change

I am writing this to (John Key) New Zealand’s prime minister
New Zealand has had a terrible plastic pollution rate. New Zealand’s oceans is polluted by plastics. Most sources of marine pollution are land based. There is all kinds of plastic that pollutes the ocean. Mr Key is there any way that you can stop all this madness ?
Mr John Key all of that plastic is killing the all the fish and birds. Some fish think that the plastic bags a food and eat them and then a bird might do the same think that it is food. Mr Key can you ban plastic bags because it is harming many animals like turtles whales dolphins fish birds and many other animals.
Mr Key
Plastic bags are one of the biggest problems of pollution. If you ban plastic bags we might have less pollution in our oceans. If you walk around Auckland or other places of New Zealand you will see plastic bags flying around the place. Lots of the plastic bags are from supermarkets like Pak’n Save, New World, Countdown, The Warehouse and many more.
Mr Key
If you look in our oceans you will see lots and lots of rubbish. There are animals lives at stake. Mr Key fishermen should stop littering. There should be a rule that you should bring your rubbish back on land not throw their rubbish in the ocean. Please do something about this issue.

Yours sincerely

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