Friday, August 22, 2014

Why your mind and your body is inportant


Did you know that if you do not look after your body you could get very sick like having cancer, Diabetes and many more. If you do not drink enough water a day you can get dehydrated. When you get dehydrated your brain does not work properly because your body is 90% made out of water.

Did you know if you do not be careful you might break a bone pull or rip a tendon you will not be able to do certain sports or exercise. If you do not do enough exercise you will become lazy and maybe even gain too much weight and become overweight.

It is important to look after your body and brain you can get cancer and many other diseases that can kill you slowly and painfully. If you look after your body you might even live longer and if you live longer you will get more experiences and you might even enjoy being a sioner citizen.

Did you know that if you have lots of the same medicine when you are a child the medicine does not work when you are an adult. The medicine will not work because you will imoun to it and it is like an immunisation. It does not harm or heal you. If the medicine does not work you might pass away.

Your brain is the most important symptom in your body because if your brain does not work your heart, organs and the rest of your body will not work as it should. You will be unable to have a proper future and if you do not have a proper future you will be lonely and un happy all the time or you might die.

If you do not eat the right food which has too much carbs in it you will get sick and you might even get a disease called diabetes. If you have diabetes you will get very sick when you have low blood sugar and even when you get high blood sugar.

When you have diabetes you have to check your blood sugar every morning midday and night time after you have dinner. If your blood sugar is low then you should have a little treat with sugar in it to keep healthy and well.

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