Monday, August 5, 2013

The hare and the tortoise

My name Fazy because it rhymes with lazy. I’m always eating grass slowly. I am a hibernator.

Just as usually, eating grass all day long as well I  just got out of hibernating. This Hare called Lighting was signing signatures . He is like his brother Speedy. Lighting comes along and makes trouble with me, I don't know what's his problem is.

A fox called Eric comes from the bushes and sticks up for me. I just kept eating while Eric becomes this know  it all. He told Lighting that I will win in a race but I thought I had no chance. Then Eric said “Did you know that he is a hibernator” Eric said “that means he is so lazy” Lighting said  “NOOO that means he sleeps
through the whole winter” Eric replied angrily.

Then Lighting ask “ok  then why won’t we have a race to the forest and back.” Then Eric said “ok  then if Fazy wins you and your slowly group work for him.”  “And if I the fastest animal win you have to do what I say.” “Then it will be tomorrow at quarter past 1.”

The race day has finally come I thought to myself. Fazy was stretching his legs and then Eric said "On you're mark......Get set.....GO!!!!!!." They started the race. Then Fazy slowly took off  and Lighting was just standing there laughing at Fazy. “You stupid Tortoise you will never defeat me,” said Lighting. “We'll see about that” Fazy said in a crazy way.

As far as I can see Lighting was started to sleep under a tree. I said to myself “This is my chance.”  I could feel some sort of power then my legs started to speed up I was going as fast as a 21 year old  Tortoise. I was on a roll. As soon as the Hare woke up the sun was almost down and no one was around. But Fazy Eric and Lighting's friends. "How are you finished Fazy" said Lighting.

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