Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Blog Writing

One Sunny day Me and my friends Nikki, Lee, My Dad, Mr Marks, Anthony and  Sione went to go fishing. On the way we had to buy some food and some bait. It was a long drive.

When we got there, I saw someone hacking into my boat. I shouted “Hey get out of my boat!” He turned on the boat engine and speed  off. “Aww man” I said.

Anthony brought his sleep gun and shoot him in the bottom I had my phone with me and called the police. We speed off to get my boat .

Finally we caught them and I hopped off the police boat and hopped on my own boat. I turned around and went to pick up my friends. We had a good time and we caught lots of fish and we all said “this was a good idea
after all”.

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