Monday, July 8, 2013



Last night, me and my buddy Vaifoa went to the library and played this awesome game called Minecraft. Minecraft is a type of game that lets you built a house and something that you would like to do. That’s why in the beginning of the game name which is MINE! It is produced as mining. Minecraft is a fun game to play and it helps me build things when I grow up. As I ran out of blocks  I started rushing over to Eric’s Minecraft house and borrowed some of his building blocks. So then I could build something really high.

This is Eric’s house

This is Vaifoa’s House   

At first I looked around I saw an amazing house right next to me It was covered with golden blocks and shiny diamonds  . So I went to check it out. First I went through the door and he showed his building. Then I saw a farm on the side of the outside door and fed some of his animals.

It was getting too late. So I went off to my building and got to bed. The next morning in Minecraft I started building again till I was done. First Vaifoa built a water fall going down from my house and and built a flower garden outside. It was so amazing!!! I was Really enjoying playing that game. It was time to go home so I was saying good bye.

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  1. Hi Eric I like what you wrote about Minecraft it was so cool I love mine Craft too Keep up the good work!!! :)