Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Weird Day

One Weird Day!

Once upon a time in Russia there lived a man entirely made out of marshmallows.  Nobody really knew his name so they just called him Marshmallow guy.  He was white and fluffy and whenever he walked past you could feel your mouth watering and could smell the sugar in the air.  His life was a living hell because everyone grabbed at him trying to take bits of his marshmallow arm sweetness off him.  He ended up having to wear a sumo wrestler disguise to cover all of his sweetness so nobody knew he was made out of marshmallow.
Actually, he wasn't the only man made out of marshmallow.  On the other side of the world, in America, lived another man entirely made out of marshmallows as well, only he had a name.  It was Steven Notch Mush.  He had a dog named Danger.  Danger was covered in rippling muscles and he had terribly sharp teeth.  He had a black spiked collar and whenever you saw those spikes, his sharp teeth and his big muscles you knew he was dangerous.  Danger had a rare talent.  He could drive any kind of automatic car without crashing.  He once tried to drive a manual car but he crashed that one because he couldn't reach the clutch.
So one day Steven Notch Mush won the American Lotto.  He won the Big Wednesday!  He won $13 million plus all the prizes, which included the boat, two houses, a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and the latest Jeep 4-wheel drive.  Steven gave the Lamborghini to his dog Danger.  Danger was thrilled.

Meanwhile the no-named Marshmallow guy from Russia saw Steven win the lotto on the news and thought they could be related.  He saved up all his money from being a computer programmer.  If you think about it, he needed a job inside so people wouldn't try to eat him.  With his savings he bought a ticket to America to surprise Steven, because he didn't actually know him, but he wanted to meet him.
Once Marshmallow guy got to America he took a little tour around Hollywood and coincidentally found himself outside Steven Notch Mush’s house.  He knew it was his house because he saw a dog driving a car around the area.
The house had a huge gate so he rang the intercom system on the big gate.  It had a little camera so that Steven could see him.  Steven was very very surprised that he was not the only marshmallow person.  Steven said “I can’t believe you are also a marshmallow guy, come inside for a hot chocolate and we will have a chat”.  Marshmallow guy heard a bark and wondered what that was.  He felt butterflies in his stomach.
When Marshmallow guy came inside, he saw Steve covered in diamond rings and wearing a really expensive watch.  He smiled in a friendly way but it looked a little bit dodgy.  Danger walked into the room.  He was wearing a special collar that interpreted his barks for words.  Danger said “pleased to meet you, would you like a hot chocolate?”  Marshmallow guy said “thank you, that would be nice”.  Marshmallow guy was very excited to be finally meeting his relative. 

Danger came back with a hot chocolate and spilt it all over Marshmallow guy.  The drink was very hot and it hurt a lot and Marshmallow guy started to melt.  Danger and Steven started chuckling and enjoyed their new supper.

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  1. Wow Eric! Is this your holiday writing? I am impressed. You have been using your imagination because this is one VERY weird day.

    Good job :)

    Mrs Burt