Monday, October 21, 2013

What I did in the holidays

  What I Did In The Holidays

In the first week of the holidays I help my dad with his trimaran. Before the boat got out of the water a kayak smashed a hole in one of the pontoons. My dad had to nail a piece of wood to the pontoon.

I help my dad paint that pontoon and paint a table bored.  After me and my brother finished the bored a bird pooped on it before we put on the boat.

In the second week I went to a holiday program called LifeKidz I can’t tell you what I did because I can’t remember.

Saturday/Sunday  I went to my friend’s house. His name is Brayden. It was brayden’s mum’s birthday. We played a card game that I forgot the name. We played the card game for the most of the time then we played on the tramp. then we played cheat tag.

My holidays was so fun.

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