Monday, September 16, 2013

A tree is like a hungry kid

1. What substance does a tree use for food?
Answer D leaves

2. What four things does a tree need for photosynthesis?
Answer 1 Light Energy 2 Water 3 Carbon Dioxide 4 Chlorophyll

Answer Glucose

4. What signals a tree to preparing for winter?
(A) The days become colder
(B) The weather becomes dry
(C) There are more rainy day
(D) There are fewer hours of sunlight

5. How does a tree get water?
(A) It makes water in its leaves
(B) It turns glucose into water
(C) It absorbs water though its roots
(D) It uses photosynthesis

6. Why do a tree’s leaves change color in the fall
(A) The tree has less chlorophyll
(B) The tree has less water
(C) The tree has no leaves

(D) The tree is growing quickly before the winter sets in

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