Thursday, August 2, 2012

Connors Birthday

On August The 1st it was my brothers 11th birthday. We were having a big party at my grandparents house. We had beautiful food like my Dads mushroom soup, Nana’s broccoli and cheese & potatoes for dinner. Pavlova, chocolate & raspberry ripple ice-cream, chocolate & strawberry cake for dessert.

I didn't gave him a present but my mum and nana did. My nana gave him a brand new bag with a lunch box and a soup holder. My mum gave him a model car. I am going to give him a present on saturday when we go to McDonald.


  1. Kia ora eric i realy like how you were talking about your brother on his birthday at mc donald i think it would of been yummy keep up the good work

  2. Hi Eric ! Happy Birthday to your brother Connor. I am sure he had a great birthday. It was very thoughtful of you to write on your blog about his birthday. The food you talked about sounds great. Did you and Connor eat a lot of the food? I have never had Pavola? What is it made of? Connor got a lot of neat presents and I know your present to him will be a good one too. Have fun at McDonald's!