Friday, December 9, 2011

Netbook Reflection

The Year of the Netbook ( make up your own title for your reflections about using a Netbook this year)
The  things  I liked about having my NetbookThe things I didn’t like about having my Netbook or the problems I had during the year.
  • eg. it’s made it much easier to …
  • Is playing games.
  • Get to do work faster.
  • Go and customize a photo on Pizzap .
  • The Internet some times dose not work’s.
  • I miss out on fun things

This year I have really had fun having a Netbook to work on.
There are many reasons why we have Netbooks.
Furthermore having a Netbook has meant that I have worked really well  last year.
Most definitely the best thing this year is having a netbook.
As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked is some times the Internet goes slowly.
The hardest thing about having a netbook is not knowing where to go.
The greatest challenge for me is getting use to my netbook.
From time to time work goes past.
Most of the time we don’t use our netbooks
ll think angry when my netbook is taken away
if we had to go back to pen and paper it will would be dom
If the Netbook Scheme failed and died ill be sad

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